What is STAR Certified Smog?

STAR stations and their technicians are required to meet higher performance standards.  Some STAR stations are licensed to perform only tests and others  are licensed to perform both tests and repairs.  Only stations that meet or exceed high performance standards can be registered as STAR Certified Smog Stations. Simply put, STAR Stations have the best smog technicians and equipment. 

California State law requires a percentage of vehicles  receive their Smog Check inspections at STAR stations. The Department of  Motor Vehicles registration  renewal notice indicates if a vehicle is required to be  inspected at a STAR station.

What is the difference between Test Only and Test & Repair Smog?

 Test Only Smog stations only perform smog tests and do not diagnose or repair your vehicle. Test & Repair facilities can test and repair your vehicle. Where a Test & Repair facility may benefit from your vehicle failing inspection and requiring costly repairs, a Test Only Smog station by law can never charge you for unneeded repairs. This is why some customers prefer smog testing at a Test Only smog facility. We are a Test Only smog facility.  

If You Fail Your Smog Inspection

 Failing a smog test can be an unexpected hassle with unexpected costs. To help our customers we offer one free retest for all failed smog inspections. Limit one free retest per failed vehicle at normal pricing. Additional retests (2 or more) are charged at the standard (reduced) retest price.  

We Accept All Novato Smog Coupons

 Have a coupon from another SMOG Shop in Novato? Bring in your coupon and we will honor it. We accept all printed and digital coupons from SMOG Stations located in the city of Novato. (Smog station must be located in Novato, Ca)